Mast Tour Y22 wireless PMU Device


Mast Tour Y22 Wireless Tattoo Machine
This device is a must have for all PMU artists! Equipped with a Custom Mast Cordless battery motor. The Mast Y22 is a very light and slim device making this device very easy to work with, even for beginners!

Mast Tour Y22’s stroke is 3.0mm, suit for all style tattoos and PMU. New school, old school, lining and shading. Two modes can be used. One is to work with a battery and another one is to work with a RCA cord in a critical power supply. The capacity of the power bolt is 1200 mAh, has a battery life of up to 10 hours, the charging time 2 hours, which has extremely low energy consumption and is more energy-saving.

This device uses universal cartridges

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