Maglev Plasma Device

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Plasma fibroblast device. Has a strong coagulation, ideal to eliminate nevi, flat warts, warts, syringoma, corns, and other skin lesions. Can be used for skin tightnenig on the face or body. This device is equipped with a modern advanced protection system like over-current, over-voltage and voltage regulator automatically. Atmospheric pressure: 70KPA-106KPA. Applicable power: AC220V +- 22V, 50HZ +- 1HZ. Single Frequency: 1.1MHZ +- 0.3MHZ. Maximum out power: 10W.

Maglev is the no 1 preferred plasma device and Erika’s personal favorite. This device last many years and have economical disposables available. Word from Erika: “Be careful of fake copies of the Maglev device. We are the distributors of Maglev devices in Africa. False imitations make use of electrical currents that cause hyperpigmentation and scarring. Our Maglev utilises a radiofrequency energy.

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