Erika Davis and Ashley Jaghlassian have collaborated to change the way Permanent make up and Paramedical technicians are trained. While many training programs are great for teaching you the skills and basics of each procedure, they don’t give you the appropriate time to develop and perfect the skill. Aesthetic Artistry is designed to change that by providing courses that give you the proper time and hands-on experience to master the ins and outs of each technique.

Our classes are focused on creating educational programs dedicated to giving the students not only the in depth knowledge behind the procedures but also allows students to gain confidence and the know-how on how to deal with real life scenarios. Our educational programs are designed to meet the diverse needs of students at all levels of artistry, not just beginners.

We pride ourselves in our small class sizes, which encourages more one on one time with students and their educators.

At Aesthetic Artistry we aim to create a level of excellence in the industry.

Why choose Aesthetic Artistry

Commitment to our students

To master any new skill requires time and practice. Aesthetic Artistry was established with one goal in mind. Our courses are designed to strengthen and perfect your procedure skills. The specific classes will be presented by Master artist Erika Davis and her partner Ashley Jaghlassian.

In class, students will receive extensive theory as well as hands-on practicals the allows them to sharpen their skills step by step. We pride ourselves in extended education that continues beyond your course, as well as small class sizes that encourage more one on one time with students and their educators. It’s our vision to build a new generation of artists that deliver quality within their craft and service.