KremaKroma Brow Pigment - Milk Chocolate


KremaKroma is a high definition, highly concentrated specialised pigments which are excellent for PMU and for microblading artists. The creamy texture of the pigment ensures peak absorption in the skin. KremaKroma is classified as one of Aesthetic Artistry’s SUPER CONCENTRATES in pigment choices. The higher concentration in pigment molecules will shorten your application time and give longer lasting results that stay crisp. Krema Kroma is semi permanent and does not migrate or blur in the skin when it ages. The viscosity of the pigment makes the colour cling to the blade, and transfers easily into the skin without drying. The viscosity also makes it easy to see where you are blading, since the pigment stays in place. The inorganic compounds used in the formulation are less likely to cause allergic reactions. The airless one drop bottle design ensures that your pigment remains sterile and stable and with minimal waste.

Tip from Erika:

Milk Chocolate: most versatile color and best seller. For skin type 2,3 that want a neutral neutral medium brown result.


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